Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments

When you are travelling to somewhere new, you’ll have a number of choices when it comes to places to stay. One bit of advice is to make sure that you research anywhere you are interested in staying to make sure that it is going to give you good value for money, in the correct location, and also suitable for your needs.

If you’re staying in Bangalore or any other business city, then you’ll have a number of accommodation choices – however the choice between a hotel and serviced apartment is the one that comes up the most. Both of these are great accommodation choices, it is just a matter of working out which one is going to be best for your time, budget and location.

Space Available

One of the biggest differences between a hotel and a serviced apartment is the amount of space you’ll get. In a luxury hotel you’ll only usually get a bedroom and a bathroom, so even if this is quite spacious it just won’t compare to how much space you get in an apartment. When you book a serviced apartment with Sterling Living Space, you’ll be able to choose how many bedrooms you want (particularly, if you have children or friends to share with you). However on top of that you’ll get a kitchen, bathroom, living area and sometimes even a dining space. The extra space you get will mean that you can live like you would at home – relax on the sofa in front of your TV, or cook your own dinner – both luxuries you just don’t get in a hotel room.


It is worth checking exactly what facilities you get in the serviced apartment you are looking to book but you’ll often get a fully fitted kitchen as standard – with gas, micro-oven, toaster, tea and coffee maker, washing machine and dryer. This allows you to keep on top of things as you go along. Most apartments come with proper bedroom furniture and even pull out beds in the living room if you want to make room for even more people to stay over with you. Both hotels and apartments can have extra facilities for you to use such as a gym or swimming pool and quite often wi fi broadband internet connection – you’ll just need to check with wherever you want to book into as to what facilities they offer.


As a serviced apartment has so much more to offer than a hotel, it can be easy to assume that it is much more costly, however often there is not much difference in price. Most often, in India, it can even work out up to 30% more economical than a conventional hotel. In fact if you have a group and you want to stay together it can often work out a lot cheaper because you can split the cost between a much larger group of people. If you want to stay somewhere for a bit of a longer term, then a serviced apartment can often work out much cheaper than a hotel too! For longer stays, you have more space at lesser cost.

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